MAO DAO has been shaped in the last months to shade the light into the eastern community in the Metaverse revolution.

Over the last 6 months we have seen the foundational thesis for NFTs playout, and the desire from everyone for games, art, and the most important part, “culture”, to be embedded into the blockchain.

As such, we have also seen most of the attention set on very few voices, and we want for a broader community to emerge and take the lead in shaping the play-to-earn space, by joining existing games, as it is by bringing different and innovative…

Without destruction there can be no construction

Welcome to the RPC world which aims to be the well-known Crypto-native IP and an NFT metaverse born from the east. We would like to show you our roadmap to make sure everything is clear and communicated. The roadmap will be published on our updated website.

🌟🌟 RPC NFT Labs: Start from Cooperative NFTs

  • NFTs with other NFT artists & projects
  • NFTs with well-known Crypto projects
  • NFTs with influencers like celebrities or KOL from Crypto communities

We want to create the first well-known Crypto-native IP and create an NFT lab born from…

There will be a great crypto meme war that may seem divisive, but the community will meme together eventually

By Mao, co-founder of MaoDao

When I was working in the blockchain media Chainnews, I had the chance to participate in the translation of many selected English articles and reports like Bankless, Messari, etc. The information was overloaded during the DeFi summer, but some cutting-edge opinions have affected and inspired a group of crypto people in China.

This experience made me have my understanding of the current crypto world:

  • Information is valuable and it usually leads to very profitable investment opportunities…

Start with Play To Earn End up in the Metaverse


Axie Infinity 游戏中有多种不同的资产,土地作为其中一种稀缺资源,也是一类资产。和现实中的土地一样,Axie Infinity 中的土地也会因地理位置(比如离中心的远近)而有不同的定价。此外,玩家还可以对土地进行升级改造、出租甚至开设店铺来获取进一步的收益。

接下来我们将推出系列文章「关于 Axie Infinity 中的土地,你需要知道的一切」,作为该系列的首篇文章,本文将对 Axie Infinity 中的土地进行简要介绍,后续我们将发布更加详细的系列文章,涉及土地稀缺性、如何为土地增值、如何挑选土地等攻略。

​Start with Play To EarnEnd up in the Metaverse

作者:Ali & Mao from MAO DAO

NFT 游戏 Axie Infinity 于本周宣布完成新一轮的 750 万美金的融资,投资机构包括 Blocktower Capital、Konvoy Ventures、Libertus,也不乏达拉斯独行侠队老板 Mark Cuban 、Collab Currency 的 Derek Schloss 等大佬参投。

以 Axie Infinity 为代表的 NFT 游戏或将很快迎来下一个爆发期,我们应该如何参与?

NFT 游戏的核心理念是「边玩边赚」,但由于时间或门槛的限制,很多加密圈的投资者仍然处于观望阶段 …

元宇宙(MetaVerse)世界的大门正在缓缓拉开帷幕,想象一下东南亚某国的一位玩家通过玩游戏赚取高于该国平均工资水平数倍的收入,想象一下玩家在不同的游戏内穿上你专属 Gucci 虚拟球鞋,想象一下我们将移民至一个万物皆可资本化的虚拟世界。


著名的 NFT 游戏 Axie Infinity 于本周完成从以太坊主网向 Layer2 侧链 Ronin 的迁移,而在游戏内的代币均在市场上有一波价格上涨。截止发稿前,爱情小药水 SLP 代币单日上涨约为 200%,而熟悉游戏的老玩家如同为自己养的猫囤好猫粮一般,早已经提前囤好大量 SLP 防止培育成本变高。

本文旨在从游戏内机制变动的角度分析此次迁移对于游戏中用于培育的代币 SLP(Sma …


NFT & Gaming DAO a.k.a Metaverse ape organization from the East

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