MaoDao & Metaverse AdvertisementDAO AMA

8 min readDec 7, 2021

本文为 Metaverse Advertisement DAO 在 MaoDao & Ready Player Cat 社区 AMA 的内容:

Q1:到底什么是Metaverse Advertisement DAO,您能为大家介绍一下你们吗?

Q1:What is Metaverse Advertisement DAO? Could you please introduce your project to our community?


It’s is a decentralized autonomous organization dedicated to facilitate revenue-generating businesses in the metaverse by utilizing virtual real estate assets in advertising.

We wanna help landowners generate some interest, and ads would be a straightforward way


Q2:Can you tell us about MAD’s advertising technology, and what is the superiority of your technology compared with the traditional advertising industry?

在元宇宙中广告是可交互的,比如对此我们可以拓展成招牌,传送门,迷宫或者超链接等等形式。我们可以将图片制作成 gif的形式,并允许广告牌以预设的频率更换广告。此外我们还将基于我们可以用于构建广告模块的基本元素构建更多游戏。

Ads in Metaverse is interactable! We can set up signbook, portal, maze, hyperlink…And we can make pictures to a gif, allow the billboard change ads at a pre-set frequency.We gonna build more games base on the basic element we can use in building ads modules.


Q3:Can you introduce the method and function of obtaining $MAD tokens?


MAD is MADAO, so we distribute tokens based on participation. We will airdrop MAD to community OGs and Landowners in the very beginning, then start LBP to set up a liquidity pool, then we will start to host yield farming and land farming. Land farming is a new way in distribution, we’ll distribute token to landowners who delegate lands to us with a lock-up period. Functionality side, we will make an update in the new version White Paper


Q4:When a company wants to place an advertisement on MAD, who is responsible for the production of the advertisement


The company,they can provide a picture or video, also a link to their site.


Q5:Now traditional advertising will be based on big data monitoring to carry out more effective advertising, then for MAD, how to choose between the efficiency of advertising and user privacy?


MAD will not collect any data from user, so there wont be a big data algorithm..Personally I am not a fan of AI,they feed ppl what related to them.MAD will just become a media interface ot platform,its not just for companies.We just help Guild do some PR and prob help someone celebrate wedding in the future!


Q6:What are the biggest challenges and difficulties of MAD at present, and how do you plan to solve these problems?


  1. 我们需要能检测流量的技术,不同的土地当然有不同的流量曝光度,因此他们进行业务的收入也应该是不同的,我们正在开发一种方式来让量化这一过程以便让土地提供者获得更清晰透明的收入。
  2. 建立一个更开阔的社区。DAO是一个开放性的组织,任何人都可以加入,我们也欢迎更多人的加入。我们希望更多的战略合作伙伴可以作为MAD的核心成员加入,我们始终保持欢迎。

We have several problems here

1.we need to track the traffic, different lands have different traffic, hence their revenue should be different, we are developing a way allow landowner claim there revenue based on time and traffic

2. build a open community. DAO is a open organization, anyone can be part of it, we wanna onboard more strategic partner as gnosis signer and core member of MAD


Q7:If we provide land. We should transfer it or sign an agreement?


Simple, just set us as an operator, no need for ownership transfer, and u can take the operation right back anytime


Q8:why land is important in the metaverse? What is your profit model?


Because land is just a platform, the real value comes from what ppl build there.Lands is not in scarcity even on earth, but ppl still just wanna buy in those major cities.We will take 10% from the ads revenue into the treasury




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