RPC NFT Roadmap (2021 Q4–2022 Q3)

7 min readSep 12, 2021

Without destruction there can be no construction

Welcome to the RPC world which aims to be the well-known Crypto-native IP and an NFT metaverse born from the east. We would like to show you our roadmap to make sure everything is clear and communicated. The roadmap will be published on our updated website.

🌟🌟 RPC NFT Labs: Start from Cooperative NFTs

  • NFTs with other NFT artists & projects
  • NFTs with well-known Crypto projects
  • NFTs with influencers like celebrities or KOL from Crypto communities

We want to create the first well-known Crypto-native IP and create an NFT lab born from the east. Our plan is to start with the cooperative Art NFTs. First, the constant traffic and awareness from different spaces and fans in both the NFT and Crypto space will be brought to RPC NFTs. Second, it will help to create new demand for RPC NFTs and organic growth for the RPC community.

We can’t disclose too much, but we do have good resources from the Crypto space and some plans to cooperate with well-known DeFi projects, celebrities in the music field, and some NFT artists to release the joint RPC related NFTs.

Usually, NFT projects will use this kind of sales revenue to donate to charity. But let us be real, 100% of the revenue from sales related to RPC will be used to buy back floor RPCs.

🌟🌟 RPC World NFT Treasure: Airdrop + Staking NFTs

In order to establish a complete worldview of the RPC world, we will create a list of subsets of RPC which is called RPC World NFT Treasure. It is something that is part of the RPC metaverse we are building. Once a month (approximately) we will airdrop or design a play way for a different RPC World NFT Treasure.

Everyone will not get the same airdrop. The number of RPCs your wallet holds, the types of RPCs you hold, and your community participation will affect what you can get. Airdrops will happen in the early stage and staking might happen in the later stages to make the entire process more automated.

You may have noticed that some of the airdrops on the list are designed for certain groups like Thinker Cat or Creator Cat. What if you only have a common RPC? You can also get these NFT rewards. The requirement is that you have at least a group of 8 common RPCs and are staking them for some time. With at least 8 RPC and the staking process, you can also get an NFT reward if you want. (Different levels of NFTs will have different staking requirements, the details of play ways will be confirmed and announced before staking launch)

Examples: If you have a Thinker Cat (Legend RPC), you can get the “Think Power” NFT. If you have 8 common RPCs, you can stake them to get points and the points can be exchanged for “Think Power” NFT or another “Create Power” NFT. If you have 7 common RPCs and one legend RPC, it will make the staking process quicker to get the Treasure NFT reward.

Here is the list of RPC World Treasure NFT V1, we will hold the first several Treasure NFT airdrops in the coming weeks.

RPC Mysteries Character (2/x)

RPC World’s Main Force (0/x)
Game Force
ETH Force
RPC Force

RPC Power & Capabilities (0/x)
Thinker Cat — Think
Creator Cat — Create
Builder Cat — Build
Gambler Cat — Gamble
Tricker Cat — Trick

RPC Story & Scenes (0/x)
Delivery Cats Story
Gaming Cats Story
Fast Food Cats Story
Punk Cats Story

RPC Town & City (0/x)
RPC Capital
RPC Land for different factions

🌟🌟🌟 Gaming: Mao Dao’s VIP Pass & Metaverse Identify

We believe that games will shape the future of NFTs and core NFT assets like CryptoPunk will become a kind of Metaverse identity which owns incredible privileges in many metaverse games.

Our team is also working on the blockchain games part. We usually do research and spend time playing every potential play-to-earn blockchain game to find good chances. We want to make RPC NFTs to be the VIP Pass from Mao Dao and also a representative Metaverse identity. We are discussing cooperation with some very good NFT game teams to empower the role of RPC NFT in their games, and we will share these with you. All in all, we will cooperate with some potential blockchain games especially from the east.RPC owners can enjoy our growth bonus including:

  • Get special metaverse NFT airdrop from games like RPC custom skin and game props
  • Test new games — to have the first-mover advantage
  • Metaverse identity — to give RPC owners privileges in potential blockchain games

🌟🌟 RPC New Site

We are working on developing a new site for RPC NFTs. It will be the place for you to:

  • Add Names and introductions for your RPC
  • Guild Ranking for different RPC owners which will be divided into different factions
  • RPC Proposal Community forum
  • RPC NFT Staking for getting special Treasure NFTs or other NFT rewards
  • RPC NFT Onchain Governance (More details can be seen in the governance part)

We estimate that we will update the first version of the new site in the next several weeks. The new site with the RPC governance is estimated to launch in Q1 2022.

🌟🌟🌟 Governance: the NFT Governance System with Play-to-earn Fund

Usually, crypto projects launch their governance token like UNI for Uniswap. We want RPC NFTs to be the first NFT that can be used for play-to-earn fund governance.

Don’t forget we are a gaming Dao and we mainly focus on the Axie Infinity scholarship in Asia. For now, we have about 120 scholarships in China and our net profits for Dao is about 10k USD per month (depending on the price of SLP). We will start to publish our gaming financial reports on the website. The most important thing is to create a gaming fund pool for NFT governance. The fund in the pool will be accumulated from October 1st. 80% of our DAO’s profits in Axie Infinity (not including rewards for managers) will go into the fund pool for governance.

Step 1: Funds: Multisig Wallet + influencers Multi Signers

First, funds transfer to our multi-sig wallet and we will invite famous influencers from both the west and east NFT field, and active community representatives, and some of the team members to be the first Multi Signers

Step 2: RPC NFT Proposal + Voting System

RPC owners can make proposals on the forum of our new site.
RPC governance council will decide if it is worthy to open votes.
RPC governance will be combined with some gaming factors to make it more interesting.
The rules and detailed process will be published before the final launch, and the sure thing is that legend RPC will give owners more voting rights. Our own governance system will be developed and launched in Q1 2021.

Some Proposals Example:

  • Buy one good NFT asset (like Loot) and fractional to all RPC owners
  • Use 50% fund to buy the floor RPC in X weeks
  • Buy a Land in Sandbox and the ownership will be all RPC owners
  • Pay to famous influencer and let her cosplay one RPC for marketing
  • Vote for#xxxx RPC which can show in the next cooperative NFT

🌟 Liquidity Pool

We will create a liquidity pool for RPC NFT on some platforms like NFTX or NFT20. We want to make it easy to trade for RPC and create liquidity. We also expect to see that it will have a wonderful chemical reaction with our NFT governance model.

🌟🌟 Marketing & Community

We will hire a professional community manager and PR to help us do better local marketing, especially in the western market. However, we will also expand the Asia market together with partners with famous crypto & NFT communities like Asia NFT NOW, and so on.

🌟 Merch

We are working on both the Taobao and Shopify merch stores for our community to purchase RPC merch. We are also looking into some good merch solutions like collaborating with MetaFactory.

🌟 Offline Party

We will hold some offline parties for RPC owners and the first offline party will be held in Shanghai during the Shanghai Blockchain Week in October.

🌟🌟🌟 Pixel RPC NFT

We are currently testing and collaborating with some pixel artists to create pixel versions of RPC NFT, and we will share updates about the pixel RPC in our community from time to time. The whole list of Pixel RPC NFT is estimated to finish around 2022 Q3.

🌟 Others

NFT Market Place

The choice of the NFT trading market is usually not a big problem for most NFT projects, but many members from Chinese communities reported that Opensea is not very friendly to them because there is no Chinese version for Opensea and a good VPN is required. This also makes us consider having exclusive cooperation with some NFT trading markets which can make it more convenient for the Chinese community to buy and sell. We are discussing this matter with one of the world’s largest exchanges to see if we can find a good solution based on Ethereum.

The whole NFT field is still early, especially NFT from the east. We are so excited about our many “first” innovation ambitions like the first crypto-native NFT IP from China, the first NFT governance model combined with play-to-earn. We believe there are lots of surprises that are not mentioned in the roadmap that will happen and we invite every RPC owner to join us in this amazing journey in the RPC metaverse.




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