The Great Crypto Meme War

  • Information is valuable and it usually leads to very profitable investment opportunities, especially first-hand news and deep research.
  • Valuable information will naturally be known by all the people but there is still a sequence between the east and west due to the language barrier and cultural differences.

Memes in Chinese Crypto Community

Chinese crypto influencer on Twitter

What are the best crypto memes?

flash mob activity for changing PFP into Meituan meme

What’s next?

  • For assets, quoting David Hoffman’s article Bonding Together, “The real intrinsic value of gold is a result of a meme layer on top of the asset.” From this point of view, memes are suitable to be combined with NFT which can be seen as a new type of alternative asset.
  • For the community, visual memes seem to be the best way to convey values ​​and integrate Eastern and Western crypto communities. And the Meituan driver memes are a good example for understanding the different communities.
Mao Dao meme-themed NFTs: Ready Player Cat



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